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If you're "on the hunt" for a free DirecTV or free Dish Network satellite tv system with all the goodies.
You've come to the right place. - Free Satellite TV Systems - Free satellite tv dish system.
Get up to four receivers -- NO EQUIPMENT TO BUY!
  • Free Installation of a Dish Network System and up to 4 Receivers.*
  • Your first month of service is FREE!*
  • Optional Digital Personal Video Recorder! (see "programming packages")
  • PVR records 60 hrs of your favorite shows without tapes! ZAP Commercials! PAUSE/REWIND/REPLAY Live TV!
  • Dish Network In Home Service Plan Included.
  • Plans available for up to 6 rooms!
  • Over 256 channels of digital quality available.
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"Is it really FREE?"
Yes! You really do get up to 4 receivers and a satellite dish installed for free. Of course, you are also making a one year commitment to pay your monthly programming charges automatically using your credit card. Keep in mind that we will charge your card $49.99 up front. This covers activating your account, your free installation, and your first month of service (regardless of which plan you choose). It is also important to note that you technically will never own the satellite system. The equipment remains the property of DISH NETWORK and may be removed by them should you ever discontinue service.

"Do I have to choose my programming right now?"
No. If you are not sure of which packages you desire, you can simply choose the basic programming package for now. You'll then have time to consider your options. Just keep in mind that you'll have to decide before the installer comes to your home. We will also mail you full color information which clearly outlines your choices.

"How many receivers can I have?"
You can have up to 6 receivers on one account. Your first four receivers are installed FREE. If you need a fifth or sixth receiver, you must pay $99.99 each for the extra receivers. Installation of each extra receiver wil cost $59.99. You will still only pay us $49.99 today to get set up. You will pay Dish Network directly at a later time for your additional receivers.

Dolby Surround vs. Dolby Digital
A: There are 2 differences between Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital. First Dolby Surround only has 4 channels; Left, Right, Center and Surround(rear). Dolby Digital (AC-3) has 5.1 channels; Left, Right, Center, Right surround, Left surround, and low frequency effects (Sub Woofer). In addition, AC-3 includes a Phase Delay which gives the illusion of a sound reflection which is either closer or further from you than the actual speaker and gives a more realistic sound profile.

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