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Welcome to Pegasus Satellite TV!

Free Satellite TV Land offers it's visitors the best deals on free satellite TV systems for the tv satellite Dish Network. Many of the free direct satellite tv and free Dish Network satellite tv systems include free satellite dish, free receivers, and free installation!

Offering you the best deals on the Internet for Free Satellite TV Systems from Direct TV and Dish Network! 

Until now, subscribing to Satellite TV has been so confusing and expensive that most people have been waiting for a price break. Now you can have superior digital quality and unlimited entertainment when you take advantage of the FREE satellite tv offers listed on this web site!

Are you a current cable subscriber? You may want to ask yourself a few questions regarding your current local cable tv company.

  • Are you happy with your local cable tv service?
  • Are you finding yourself paying more and more for fewer of the same old tired channels?
  • Is you cable bill increasing each and every month?
  • Do you wish you had more channels?

Did you know that for about the same amount of money (or less) that you're already paying, you and your family could be enjoying more than 170 channels for your viewing pleasure? Pegasus Satellite TV

As you probably know, your cable company chooses which channels they get the best prices for, then limits your viewing options to those channels. With your FREE satellite dish you get to choose and pay only for those channels you want to watch. There are currently over 170 channels to choose from. Most people are surprised at how many great channels there are to watch that they never knew existed.

Did you also know that digital satellite TV systems are the fastest growing consumer electronics product in American history?

It's been brought into more than 1 million homes, faster than color tv's, personal computers, microwave ovens, and cd players. Still, less than 5% of the population has one. Yet, 60% of the people here in the US say they would like to switch to satellite tv. Right now, (an estimated) 20,000 people everyday are doing just that...buying a digital satellite tv system. And, they're paying anywhere from $100 to $300 for the equipment alone. If you're one of the 60% who'd like to make the switch, why go out and pay as much as $300 for a satellite tv system when you can get one FREE from the companies listed on this web site? Pegasus Satellite TV

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