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Money for viewing advertismant

AvaHost Web Hosting - High Quality Web Services starting at $5.25!

These company pay for viewing advertisment with use the special program. At present-day day is real work and paying money is DesktopDollars, GetPaid4 and CashSurfers

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    Per for surfing and pay to read emails. Referral program 12 levels deep!


    Pay 80% from their income. Unlimited hours. 5 level referral program: 1 - 8%, 2 - 5%, 3 - 3%, 4 - 2%, 5 - 1% Check from $25.


    On earned points you can buy shares and get Profit.


    By participating in you can earn $0.80/hour for spending time online, $0.03 for every message you post to a group, $0.02 every time somebody reads any of your postings and $0.01 every time somebody posts to a group you run!


    Offer 60 cents for hour of surfing, plus 10 cents for direct and 5 of cents for indirect referrals.


    Not bad surfing a sponsor. Since has real mountain-high payment - before 0.8$ Plus pay for attraction of people 1$ and as usually 5 referrals levels. But US Only.


    Surfing sponsor. Referral system tunes only at registrations - do not mistaken at choice.


    One referral level with payment 10% from their earning. On payment goes 70% their profit. Cheque will send from $50.


    No need to load the bar - is started from pages on your account (as ClickDough). 8 referral levels. Each 12-18 minutes necessary confirm that you are active. Payment in percent from earned: you 50%, from referrals on levels: +20% +10% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% their earning.


    Will pay for surfing, for reading the advertising letters and for participation in their chat. Works With all countries. 7 referral levels, payment on levels: +%10 +%7 +%7 +%5 +%3 +%2 +%1 Promise:
- for surfing before $0.65/hour depending on CTR:
- for 40 hours of surfing with CTR %5 give $27.00 ($0.65/hour).
- for 40 hours of surfing with CTR %3 give $16.00 ($0.38/hour).
- for 40 hours of surfing with CTR %1 give $6.00 ($0.13/hour).
- for use their chat room before $10.00/hour:
payment depends on amounts of person, taking part in chat
- for one participant $0.01/hour
- for ten $0.10/hour
- for 50 $0.50/hour
- for 100 $1.00/hour
- for 500 and more $10.00/hour
Give up to $0.10 for e-mail with advertisment


    Their ViewBar will be available to boot, when they collect 10000 users. There is possibility for webmasters gratis to place own banner for showing in their bar. Are Going To to pay in the future for mail and give the prizes.


    New surfing-program. Even without referrals possible to earn at month before 45$. Three referral levels. Normal CTR - 0.5%. Than more You clique on banners that more You have money. Payment - around 3$ for 1000 show, quota 20000 show. Minimum amount of cheque 50$.


    Pay to surfing. We'll paid you 80% of the paid traffic which you'll give us. It may be till 0,6$ per hour. Five referral levels, you get: 10%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 2% Minimum amount of cheque 30$.


    Pay to hear Your music CD-disks or Your MP3 by means of their program Soundom and at the same time see advertisment. You get 25% incom, got by company. Soundom supports 4-level referral program (5% +3% +2% +1%).


    Will pay for surfing, online games, for reception of advertising mail, for listening of music during surfing. Two referral level. Viewbar can download right after registrations.


    Works with all countries. Give immediately 5 pound sterlings for registration and on 5 pounds for referral! Except this you give 5% from earning your referrals!


    New company PayPile will pay You for surfing and for listening the music. Payment 0.10$ at hour, but five levels of referrals and with each You get on 0.10$ for hour. You and all your referrals do not be able to attract more than two referrals each.


    Begun the payment not only for visit their site, and for surfing. ViewBar is opening at opening your start pages. Payment 0.2$ at hour. Referal-Program: 25%(1 level) + 15%(2 level) + 10%(3 level) + 5%(4 level) + 5%(5 level).


    Surfing sponsor but not necessary download viewbar . Payment in points. Referral program 20%, 15%.


    Surfing sponsor, but unusual! Necessary to see prize banner, press - and you win $1000! Promise to pay each hour. And many prizes. When wins referral - win and You. At registrations indicate please my ID: bhgdim


    Pay 0,3$/hour + 5 levels referrals-program (0,1$, 0,05$, 0,05$, 0,05$, 0,05$). Necessary CTR 1%. Time is limited 100 hours at month. Cheque is sent from 30$.


    You get 0.5$ for hour of viewing the advertisment. Seven levels of referrals. For 1 - 0.1$, with the second on seventh - 3 cent for hour of viewing the advertisment by person, registerred through you. English and Russian site versions.


    Payment for surfing low $0.15 at hour, but powerful referral-support. 1 level 50% from their incom, 2 levels - 20%, 3-5 - 10%!


    Statistics in points - 60 points at hour. On preliminary calculations, 60 points must correspond to 50 cents. In field "Your sponsor: (if you have one)" indicate please: dima4


    You - 50% incom, got by company from your work a plus for referrals: 1 level - 10% from their incom; 2-4 levels - 5% from their incom. Cheque send at accumulation on your count 20$.


    Very good surfing sponsor. Payment 0.60$ at hour. 5 level referral program. Does not defraud. Minimum amount from 30$


    Good small viewbar, which possible place anywhere on your desktop. And all as usually - 40 cents at hour, viewbar download right after registrations.


    Pay from 40 to 80 cents at hour, viewbar available right after registrations... Advice to try.

 Your Internet Work

    New surfing sponsor. As payment promises the plastic card. Payment - percent from money, received from advertisers: your 50% + 20%(1 level) + 5%(2 level) + 2%(3 level) + 1%(4 level) + 1%(5 level) + 1%(6 level) + 1%(7 level). Works with all countries.


    Promise up to 0.7$ for hour of viewing the advertisment. 6 referrals levels. Minimum amount of cheque - 20$.


    New company pays you while you travel on network, beside you are openned the advertising window. Nothing need to download. Take the people from all countries.


    You not necessary download wievbar, enough to go on site sponsor, enter own passwords, is openned the small window with advertisment! For show an banners to You will be added points, but if You suddenly see "YOU WIN!", then You have 30 seconds to click on inscriptions and get the prize, for instance 5000$ or above. If win Your referals, You get 20-30% from their advantage. Already works! Please indicate my email:


    Pays from $0.55 to $1.5 for hour a viewing the advertisment by means of their program BlueBar. Seven level referral system and great member support.


    Pays 60 cents at hour for viewing the advertisment and pay for mail. No quota on hours. ViewBar possible dowmload immediately.
Please indicate my ID dima4


    Pays 50 cents at hour for viewing the advertisment. Viewbar possible dowmload immediately.


    New surfing sponsor. Promises to pay 50% got from advertisers. Speak that this will 0.80-2.10$ at hour, but herewith is necessary as in GP4 to keep CTR around 5-10%. Please indicate my ID - dima4


    New surfing sponsor with payment 1 dollar at hour. Works with all countries. There is referal program. Min. amount for sending 30 backses.


    Pay For loading and use their screensaver, which shows not only beautiful picture, but also advertisment of sponsors. 6 levels of referrals! Payment for each 15 show screensaver: $0.60 +$0.15 +$0.05 +$0.05 +$0.05 +$0.05 +$0.05 Else Beta version, but already possible load and work!!!.

 Surf 4 Euros

    0.60 euro per hour. Recently openned. When their EUROBAR will get ready, You will notify on email. Your personal information will require when on Your count will enough credits so do not worry that its no need to enter at registrations. Please enter my email in field referrer box.


    New surfing sponsor. Pays for connection, activities no need. 5 levels of referrals $0.30 +$0.05 +$0.015 +$0.015 +$0.015 +$0.015 Time of referrals do not exceed your. $50 minimum cheque.


    New company paying for sгrfing. Not necessary imitations of activity! First You load and install beside itself opinionBAR. Hereon, having started its, You get the possibility to fill information on itself. Exterior will viewbar You choose when loading. Payment 1 point at minute equal 0.01 euro. Exist the additional ways of earning, for instance for filling the questionnaires in viewbar straight!


    New company from section "listen and earn cash". Cashradio will pay you 25 cents at hour when you listen one of the any 175 radio stations which they offer. There is system of referals.


    Promise pay for surfing + system of referals, suitable small viewbar, which possible carry on screen. Loading the bar immediately. Already work.


Click Here.     Already working and paying company. Pays For viewing advertising banners by means of their program. Already have sent the cheques and write that their most cheque there was $824.72 and average amount of cheque - $49.78. Agree quite well! Take the people from all countries. The Payment 10 numbers of each month if have taken more than 40$. Also pay 10% from earned people, which are registerred through you.

 Prize Window

    For viewing 1 banner give 1 prizepoint. Pay since october! October - $0.25 / 1,000 prizepoints, november - $0.55 / 1,000 prizepoints, december - $0.80 / 1,000 prizepoints. For referals +10% +10%. Cheques from they already got. Their Bar possible immediately to load and work.


Click Here.     Pay that listen radio on your computer. Go at site of companies radiostation, choose genre (them more than 120) and... the payment 0,20$ at hour. The Quota - 100 hours at month. Practically leaves - 20$. For attracted clients pay - 1 level - 0,08$ at hour, cо second on fourth - 0,04$ at hour. Sponsor begins to work since april 14 2000.


Register here.     New company pays for surfing up to 0.62$ per hour. Company already works - their ViewBox already possible to download. Payments begin after february 10 2000. Minimum amount of payment 40 australian dollars (that equivalent 27 american dollars). Payments are produced 20 of the following month. Also exists the possibility win one of the the following prizes:
  1. New model of printer Canon Bubblejet BJC2000 SP (1 prize)
  2. Digital camera Logitech QuickCam's (2 prizes)
  3. $150 (20 prizes)


Register here.     Most latest company pays for online 0.95$ at hour. Max time 100 hours. Minimum amount of payment is $15. Already works in all countryes. At registrations in field "Reference number " please indicate my ID dima4.
Check is received.

Desktop Dollars

Jast click here !        The Advertising company. Already work, necessary soft for viewing the advertisment already available, its possible download with site of company. Scheme of payment: $0.5 per hour of viewing the advertisment, system of referals. Now, only at DesktopDollars, you can receive your monthly payment via electronic transfer to the ClixCardT! You can then take the ClixCardT to ATM machines around the world and withdraw money in your local currency!


Register here.        Already working french company. Necessary download and install beside itself on computer AdBar - program for viewing the advertisment and possible immediately begin to earn the money. Payment - $0.6 at hour. The Check, min amount is chosen by You.

Desktop Horizon

Register here        New advertising pyramid. Promise to pay $0.6 per hour of viewing of their advertisment. Work worldwide, their viewbar you can download now.

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