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       Most often meet exactly these program - sponsor pays you for click on its banners.List of most known sponsors and short information on they see below. We recommend Commission Junction, and LinkShare-Get Your Share! exactly with they work our pages.
Also check our page For registrations with good sponsors with pay per lead programs.
LinkShare-Get Your Share!              New possibility. Register one time and get choice from more then 400 sponsors. Amongst them there is that pay $0.15, $0.20 for call. Before 20%-30% for registration. Recommend. In time of holidays they increase the payments on many programs, and playoffs of prizes.
Recently received second check on 100$. Look here.

Commission Junction              New sponsor as a LinkShare. You can choice from more then 500 companys. Pay per click, exposures, registratoin, sales. Recently received check. Recommend.              Several programs. Pay for registrations and for clicks. Now per click 0.12$
Good referral program.              Pay 0.13$ per click.
Possibility request cheque on any amount more 5$. Good referral program.              Payment 10 cents per click.
Minimum 30$.              High Paying 'Cost Per Action' sponsor. Best programs! Pays from 1$ to 2.5$, for instance, for download good free programs. Min check $50
Recommend. Check is received.              Up to $0.25$ per click. At the average 0.16$ per click.
No minimal amount. Banner size: 468x60.              From $0.07 to $0.12 per click. Very detailed statistics.
Minimum payment 30$. Banner size: 468x60.              Pay $0.04 per click, but you even can open this sponsor at the pop up window.
Also gives 10% from referred webmasters.
For English sites. Minimal payment 50$. It is possible also to receive money by bank transfer!              $0.21 per click. 4$ for registration webmaster. Min check $100.              $0.17 per click. 3$ for webmaster registration. Only english sites.
Banner size: 88x31, 120x60, 468x60.              $0.5 for click. 10% from earninged of referrals. Min check $25.
But give good links and banners. Example:
Free PrizesWin Money (Will open in new window)
Do not count shows! Only clicks!              $0.13 per click.
5$ for attracted webmaster.              $0.1 per click and 1$ per 1000 exp.              ClickSolution Standard - $0.12 per click. Depending on the amount of traffic , publishers earn $0.12 to $0.25 per click.
Only English sites.              $0.15 - $0.20 for click, views, registrations. min $20
Recommend. Check is received!              0,10-0,20$ for click
min 50$              0,10 per click. 0.05$ per referal click!
min 10$ Recommend. Check is received! Look here.              $0.06 - $0.12 for click              $0.17 per click. Plus pays 1 cent for cllick on banners of your refferal. Banners: 468x60, 120x60, 88x31.
Takes only english sites.              $0.01 - $0.35 for click              $0.10 - $0.55 for click + payment for show,
min 500000 visitors per month.              $0.05 for click + % for goods              $0.05 for click, min 100$
at registrations place you on count $25              0.15$ for click              $0.05 - $0.11 for click              $0.25 - $0.50 for click, min $50
desirable russian-language page              $0.12 - $0.15 for click, min $30              $0.10 for click
payment in australian dollars :)              $0.06 - $0.17 for click, min $30
page must be not on free server              $0.02 - $1 for click, min $50

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