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Different ways of earning

AvaHost Web Hosting - High Quality Web Services starting at $5.25!


    New payment system. You can send payment by email.
In system you can pay by Egold or wire transfer.
You can buy anonymous Debit Card and receive money in any ATM machine.
For every Debit Card sold, an instant $10.00 referral bonus is paid directly into ones NetPay account.


    System like PalPal, but better and work with international members.
This is very useful payment system.
For each referall you get 5$, and for each business-member you get 50$


    Earn big money by selling Viagra for women.
You get $15 for direct order on your site and $5 for order on site of your referral-webmaster.
Then register in KwikMed, and in Affiliate Control Center add your herturn login and sometimes on site KwikMed will be banners with YOUR ID!


    Give you real US address. Allow forward any your mail to any country. And have referral program.


    Offer you system for realization of micropayments. Anonymous bank account, mail forward.
Accept all way of payment and give you plastic card!


    New virtual payment system. You can buy in internet shops and auctions.
Or you can send checks to any address.
After registration you get $3 bonus. And referral program - $3 per referral!


    Reaal virtual stock exchange. At registration you get $35 in system e-Gold.
Referral program - 5%.


    Use the handy service to send items through the postal mail, including checks, money orders, letters, CDs, images, and Word DOCs. They also have powerful features for Businesses, a money-making Seven Level Affiliate Program, and you'll be able to keep in touch with your Grandma.
The EnergyFlow Network features an amazing payment service you can use to send cash and/or snailmail anywhere in the world using the postal system.


    Can you answer one simple multiple choice question for $100.00?
What about answering 12 multiple choice questions right for $1,000,000.00 US dollars?
Ok, Now that I have your attention, I wanted to let you know about a new website. It's a cool website where you can easily win $100.00 to $1,000,000.00!!!
The site is a lot like the hit (USA) TV show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'.
  * Answer 1 question right and you win 100.00 US Dollars.
  * Answer 2 questions right and you win 200.00 US Dollars.
  * All the way up to 12 questions right for one million dollars.
Just think if you only answer 2 questions right each day you'll win $200.00 a day.
You can also get 10% of all money won by people you refer. Can you imagine the possibilities? It's a cool website, they are giving away more money than any other website on the Internet. For that matter they will be giving away more money than any other company in history.

You will be able to earn up to $100 USD for every qualified client who signs up for the FREE OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT using your ID number as their referrer.
You can now start referring people into this free opportunity and will be informed when your own FREE OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT is ready for use and you can start collecting referral commissions!


    You get paid for participation in debates on some subject, for Your estimation some site or product.
Have 2 referral level: - for each direct referral You get 100 pts, plus 10% from its profit; - for each indirect referral You get 50 pts, plus 5% from its profit;
Indicate please my Refered e-mail:


    Will pay for surfing, online games, for reception of advertising mail, for listening of music during surfing. Two referral level. Viewbar can download right after registrations.


    Will pay for online-games, for site visits and for reading the advertising letters. Works with all countries. One referral level. 100 points = 1$. Minimum amount of cheque 50$. Also the prize plays between all users on 20000$.


    Association of programmers of the whole world for joint realization of projects. And pay 5% from earning of referal during two years after its joinings to system.


    Auctions for points. First 5000 users receive 5000 points. 1000 points for each referral. In field Referred by indicate, please:


    Give AudioPoints for listening and downloads music. Taken points are changed on prizes. For two attracted users - 400 points.


    Choose the radio station, music, listen and are get paid. Requires RealPlayer, which possible install in process of registration.

 ProcessTree Network

    Promise to pay the resources of Your computer for use! Already beta version of program is ready! On your computer will be produced any calculations and afterwards leave on site companies. All calculations possible to conduct in offline.


    Pay For loading and use their screensaver, which shows not only beautiful picture, but also advertisment of sponsors. 6 levels of referrals! Payment for each 15 show screensaver: $0.60 +$0.15 +$0.05 +$0.05 +$0.05 +$0.05 +$0.05 Else Beta version, but already possible load and work!!!.


    New company from section "listen and earn cash". Cashradio will pay you 25 cents at hour when you listen one of the any 175 radio stations which they offer. There is system of referals.


Click Here.     Pay that listen radio on your computer. Go at site of companies radiostation, choose genre (them more than 120) and... the payment 0,20$ at hour. The Quota - 100 hours at month. Practically leaves - 20$. For attracted clients pay - 1 level - 0,08$ at hour, cо second on fourth - 0,04$ at hour. Sponsor begins to work since april 14 2000.

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