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The Best Free - Free news servers
List of free servers for reading news groups
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Mail Them Pro is designed for mass mailings.
It has its own built-in SMTP server, so you don't need to use your provider's SMTP server.
If you want to use it, you can choose between Personal Copies or Blind Carbon Copies. You can send an unlimited number of messages and attachments.
Mail lists' management is extremely easy. You can create exclusion lists. The program supports English and other languages!
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Express NewsPictures. A newsreader specifically designed for downloading pictures from newsgroups
GroupsAloud. Speaks Usenet Newsgroup content Aloud
News Watch. Get only the news that you need
Newz Crawler. NewzCrawler is a web news reader & browser
PostXpert Professional. News posting program that turns your computer into a large scale Usenet.
StockNews. Financial real time news at your fingertips.
Awasu Advanced Edition. RSS/RDF/Atom feed reader.
E-Mail Marketing Office 2000. ncludes at once 4 programs 1.Newsgroup Scanner 1.1 2.Search Engines Sc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Super offer
Need to send the same message to say an X,000 recipient news letter list?
Fancy working that prospect list? or would you rather send a highly targetted personalized unique message to each of your customers?
Group Mail Plus can send up to 650,000 messages an hour!!* and incorporates cool features like fire and forget delivery, routing and much much more!
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