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Links, which useful for creation own page.
Link Description Beautiful text on www-pages Check site on correctness of html-code Thence possible take last official specification HTML and CSS Here plenty of different descriptions (for instance, JavaScript). GuestBook from IntReal Counters: Super Stats Counters: Ned Stat Counters: Free Stats Counters: Peresvet Counters: Pagecount Counters: Site Stats Counters: The Counter Counters: The Ultimate Counter Counters: Fast Counter Counters: List Top 100 Counters: Russian Counter Counters: Ranker Counters: Rambler's Top100 Counter Counters: Counter Counters: InfoArt HITs Counters: Russian Music Counter Counters: Alpha Counter's TOP100 Counters: Internet Count Counters: Rapid Axcess Counters: Prtracker Counters: Statistic Ru