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We will help you to enlarge the amount visitors of your page.
If you are webmaster you understand,that for any activity in internet you simply necessary to have the greater amount of visiters on your page. After all your earnings, on for instance banner advertisment depends on amounts of visitors on your site.
In given section you will find several real advices, which you will help vastly to raise the attendance of your site.
Majority beginning webmasters create their own pages on servers, giving free web space. Regrettably In this case they get long, bad rememberring address. And people to get on your site happens to to write its address, but this not always comfortable. Thereby many from people, which heard about your site do not get on it simply therefore that have forgotten its address. Ideal variant there was accomodation site beside its provider and registration of its domain name of type for instance on, but this is connected with initial material expenseses (the registration of domain cost 70$ for first two year and 35$ for each following year) so this variant approaches not all. Free alternative this there is site redirections. They allow to readdress the visitors with short address (which you think up themselves) on real long address of your page. For instance if you have page with address that registerred on you will be able to take itself more short and easy rememberring address, for instance, to which come much more visitors.
One of the the main ways to enlarge popularity your site - registration on search engines and catalogues. After registration in results of searching for on search engines amongst found addresses will and address of your page, certainly if visitor search for the word cognate with subject of your page. More Detailed advices on registrations and address most known search engines and catalogues see in section Search engines. Will Here say only that do not hurry with registration if your site not yet done on all 100% , since robot else much for a long time will not find the data, added after registration.
One more way of site promotion, it's registerred in one of the the systems of banner exchange. Their principle is concluded in that you show beside itself on page banners of system participants, and they in turn show your banners. And person, wich click on your banner on anyone's page gets to your site. List and description of some systems see in section Banner Exchange. Each system has the different additional facilities and percent of withdrewed show so attentively read the condition at registrations and choose that you like.
Also very good way of promotion it's registration on different ratings (TOP's). They present itself sites, to which in order of decrease to popularity are located the address of pages on some subject. Popularity of page is defined or amount of showing the small picture - often counter , or on amount of clicks on banner (on amount of visit given top). In this case you should do that your visitors as large as possible visit given TOP.
Get else visitors to your page will help also exchange links or buttons (the picture of format 88x31) with other pages cognate with your on subject. For this necessary write to webmaster of site and offer exchange links. If he will agree you may create section on your page, name its for instance pages friends and there place all these links and buttons.
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