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Money for viewing advertismant

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    Pays for viewing advertisment. Payment on hours $.50 - for you, $.10 - for referrals of first level, $.05, $.05, $.05, $.05 - for referrals 2,3,4 and 5 levels. Maximum paid hours - 60. Minimum sent cheque - 20 USD.


    Unusual company. You earn cash for viewing the advertisment by means of program, which not even occupies place on Your screen, but inheres SystemTray. As soon as beside You will appear the free minute You may look proposed You commercial advertisment or read the advertising text. For commercial advertisment You get minimum 0.25$ for 30 seconds, for text advertisment - 0.05$ for 500 symbols.


    New english company paying for surfing. Hurry be registerred and attract more people, since you will get the incom and from them. Payment for referals looks like Spedia, bat here more levels.


Register here        The British company, pay 25 pences/hour, maximum 20 hours at month, system of referals . AdBar (plugin for viewing the advertisment) promise to release at the end of august. Plan to begin work in Great britains, but hereinafter and in the whole Europe, USA, South America.

Register here        Pay $0.4 for each thousand advertising banners, viewed by you, not more 7000 banners at month (i.e. the whole $2.8 at month). But! Not bad system of referals - $0.1 for 1000 banners viewed by participant, specified Your ID at registrations and $0.05 for 1000 on following 4 levels.
       Indicate, please, at registrations my ID: 1320595156


  It's simply! Jast click here !             $0.6! per hour. Work on any platforms.


  It's simply! Jast click here !             Every regictred user take special small program ( Viewbar(TM) ). Every 20 second change advertisment. You take 0,5$ per hour. Max. is 40 hours per month - 20$.

 Go To World

  It's simply! Jast click here !              You use special browser (as a IE5) and see different advertisment.
Pay 0.4$ per hour (max. is 40 hours per month).


Jast click here !        Here will too give VIEWBAR and You will get the percent with cost shown by You banners. You personally get %75, get 5% from one,was registerred through you and etc. In right to upper corner Your window will be each 5 minutes to appear advertising. Pay will monthly as soon as amount will reach $50 (maximum no, how much will show so much and will pay).  Please enter my ID in this program 34658 on event if reference does not operate.

Surfing 2 Cash

Jast click here !        You have $0.5 for hour of viewing the advertisment, system of referals. The Payment is produced after accumulation $50 on count. If You have time to be joined before end of program-bonus, you get $25.26

Deal Viewer

Jast click here !        One more company pays you for online $0.6 at hour and plus system of referals. At registrations enter please my ID - join . Interesting particularity - at registrations is formed own web-page.

 Utopi AD

  It's simply! Jast click here !              Pay depending on estimations of advertiser. Promise the order $50-200 at month. At present gradually send "CashBar" participants, depending on time of their registrations.

 Pay to Date

Register here.     New company pay for surfing: 1 minute = 1 cent. Begin of work - february 14 2000. Restriction for age 18 years, possible take referals...


Register here.     New company pay for surfing. Their motto - quote inscription from site: "Make 160$ per hour". This amount is identified that you take the heap of referals, so-as for they promise the higher rateses and big pyramid.

 Crew Design

    Company will pay for surfing not only but also for reading email and for questionnaires. Unheard-of payment - You will get $1.25 at hour for surfing. The Quota 50 hours. This signifies that you earn $62.5 even nobody not signing! Money will translate into second week of following month if on Your balance more $50 Seven levels of referals: 1-0.15$, 2-0.07$, 3-0.05$, 4-0.03$, 5-0.02$, 6,7-0.01$.


Click Here.     Promise 10 pences for hour of viewing the advertisment. Maximum amount hours of surfing at month - 50. Cheque promise to send at accumulation not less 20 english pounds.


    Pay for surfing, and give free share. Payment: 40% incom for surfing with their MyAdBar, for use their WAP Portal - 1.00 pound ($1.90) at hour! For your referals: $0.45 at hour from first level and $0.19 at hour from the second! Else give one share of company for each registerred through You.


Click Here.     New company have much programs:
  • Payment for visit sites of advertisers.
  • For use the search systems.
  • For reading the mail.
  • For attraction friends.
  • For surfing.
  • For participation in test the new products (questioning).
For each referal you get 1$. You get 10% from incom direct referals + 5% from incom referals of 2 and 3 level. Payment will be produced not only by check , but is also possible remittance of money in WebMoney or direct transfer of money on Your bank count.


Регистрация здесь.     New company Сash Active Works with all countries. 8 levels of referrals. Payment for surfing, reception E-mail, viewing the advertisment, participation in voting, games and etc. Give $0.50 for 100 points. You get 100 points for hour of surfing. Work of referrals is also encouraged.


    Bar will get ready to loading in the nearest future. Payment - 0,50$ at hour work with their bar, and 6 levels of referrajl program: 0,10$ - for first level, and 0,05$ for all rest Your referrals. Cheques send from 20$.


    Payment $0.5 at hour, 4 levels referrals with payment from $0.1 before $0.05. Quota of time - 40 hours at month. Cheques from 50$. Bar not available yet to loading, but already possible to register.

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