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The Best Free - Free Web Space
List of servers giving free hosting
  • Language - language of registration
  • Space - provided size
  • Upload - way an upload of files on server
  • Ads - their advertisment and in what type
  • CGI-scripts - there is access to CGI scripts
  • Address - what you will have address

Best Web Site Hosting Service cheap web hosting review

Part 5 of 11
. Language Space Upload Ads CGI-scripts Address
Free Business Hosting English 50 MB FTP Browser Text Links Collection Subdomain
Go2 English 0.15 MB Browser Banner Guestbook /you
GoPlay English 2 MB Browser Topbanner No /you
Graffiti English 20 MB FTP Button CGI-BIN /you
Grandcity English 30 MB FTP Email Banner CGI-BIN Subdomain
Gurlpages English 11 MB Browser Topbanner Counter /category/you German 6 MB FTP Browser No ads Collection /dir/#
Home French 50 MB FTP Banner No ? Other 10 MB FTP Banner No Subdomain
Home4u German 1 MB Email Banner No ?
Homepage English 10 MB Browser Topbanner No Subdomain
Homestead English 12 MB Browser Footbanner No /you
Homex English 6 MB FTP Browser Button No /user/you
Hotbot English 5 MB Browser Topbanner No ?
Hotyellow98 English 5 MB Browser Textlink No
Hydromed English 3 MB Browser Banner Collection /myweb/you
i25 English 2 MB Browser Top+foot Collection /you
Icestorm English 3 MB Browser No ads Collection /you
iFrance French 20 MB FTP Banner No ?
Indosentris English 10 MB Browser Banner Collection /you
Infocache English 5 MB Browser FP Topbanner CGI-BIN /users/you

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