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The Best Free - Free Web Space
List of servers giving free hosting
  • Language - language of registration
  • Space - provided size
  • Upload - way an upload of files on server
  • Ads - their advertisment and in what type
  • CGI-scripts - there is access to CGI scripts
  • Address - what you will have address

Best Web Site Hosting Service cheap web hosting review

Part 11 of 11
. Language Space Upload Ads CGI-scripts Address
Free Business Hosting English 50 MB FTP Browser Text Links Collection Subdomain
Webhostme English 20 MB FTP FP Popup No Subdomain
WebJump English 25 MB FTP FP Adframe CGI-BIN Subdomain
Webprovider English 10 MB FTP Browser FP Popup CGI-BIN Subdomain
WhatTown English 10 MB Browser Topbanner No Subdomain
WhoWhere English 5 MB Browser Banner Counter /category/you
Wigloo English 5 MB Browser Topbanner No /area/you
Wiktor English 10 MB FTP No ads CGI-BIN Subdomain
Windoms Russian 1 MB FTP Popup/Banner No /~you
Women English 5 MB Browser Banner No /area/you
Wowsites English 12 MB Browser Adframe No /you
Xoom English 999 MB FTP Browser Adframe Counter /you
Xoom Italian 25 MB FTP Browser Adframe Counter /you
Yesweb Korean 3 MB FTP Browser Topbanner CGI-BIN /~you
YourOwnSpace English 5 MB Browser Banner No /planet/you
Yourwebhome English 10 MB Browser Popup/Banner No /you
ZCities English 1 MB FTP Browser Banner No /area/0000
Zenation English 10 MB Browser Banner No /you
Zy English 1 MB Browser Topbanner No /you

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